‘Fans of Battleship will love ChartFight HD!
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ChartFight HD
Still seriously outdated. Now for iPad.

version 3.0

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The Age of Sail! Ships-of-the-line, corvettes and brigantines battling it out on the high seas. Now imagine their captains carrying around iPads: instant access to the latest nautical charts, bird's eye view of ship disposition, push-button cannon fire...

Find and sink the enemy's ships before they sink yours. Tap on a chart to enlarge it, then use the viewfinder to target the enemy fleet. Special sound effects and gorgeous graphics enhance your playing experience.

What's new in version 3

  • ChartFight is now a full-fledged native iPad game!

This version of ChartFight only runs on iPad. Check out ChartFight SP for a battleship game that runs on iPhone and iPod touch.


System Requirements

  • Apple iPad
  • iOS 3.2 or later

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