'ChartFight is (...) beautifully styled and set in the age of sailing ships.'

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ChartFight SP
Single-player version. For iPhone and iPod touch.

version 3.0

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The Age of Sail! Ships-of-the-line, corvettes and brigantines battling it out on the high seas. Now imagine their captains carrying iPhones: instant access to the latest nautical charts, bird's eye view of battleship disposition, push-button cannon fire...

This version of the classic strategy game is seriously outdated... in a good way! Use the gorgeous interface to find your adversary's ships before they sink yours.

Try your hand at defeating the computer, and discover that it's not so easy. We have even gotten complaints about the computer 'cheating' by looking at your ships! Rest assured, this is not and has never been the case. The computer plays fair. It's just very, very single-minded...

ChartFight SP runs best on iPhone and iPod touch. It will run on iPad, but only at a small size. Have a look at ChartFight HD for a battleship game that takes full advantage of the large iPad screen.

Screenshots (iPhone 5)

System Requirements

  • Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod touch (optimized for iPhone 5)
  • iOS 4.3 or later

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